Friday Facts No. 5

Happy Friday (and December) everyone!

1 // Everyone must go watch this video and check out the Christ centered advent calendar! I’m so excited to see what ways my little family can be more like Christ and #LIGHTtheWORLD this month!2-7

2 //  This is hands down my favorite picture from Thanksgiving. This is my cutest nephew, Thorin, back home in Indiana! I miss him and his chubbiness so much!


3 // Graham’s idea of a fun Thanksgiving. This baby sure knows how to sleep…even at night! I love him for it so much! Oh and I have had a one month update typed and ready on this guy for quite a while. I’ll make sure to post it next week.


4 // This is what your toddler does when you don’t have a double stroller but walking around the mall is tiring.


5 // He may sleep great but this poor guy has had some major skin issues the past month. I think we finally have it under control but he looked pretty bad for quite some time.


6 // I love this photo because he stopped there as we were walking out of the mall and told me to take his picture. It’s starting to make me question letting him take his baby blanket with him everywhere though.


7 // Thanksgiving dinner for a toddler and all he ate was the corn and a roll! I guess that’s better than asking for a grilled cheese.


8 // Haha! I just realized my finger is photobombing, but I still had to share it since Coulter was a little too excited for all the chips at dinner.


9 // Because of photo number 4 I tried to convince Cody we needed this when it went on sale Wednesday morning…he didn’t go for it though. Someday I hope!

10 // Cody just reminded me about Christmas cards this morning which got me thinking about what photos we should use. We don’t have any official up to date family photos since Graham (unless selfies count?) so I’m not sure what we will use. What do you usually have on your cards?

Thanks for checking out this week’s Friday Facts!

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