Coulter’s Birth Story – The 27 Hour Edition

Forgive some of the majorly blurry photos but I had to include them all for reference!










The day of Coulter’s birth is one day I will never forget. The day right before will also never be forgotten as they were both a whirlwind and a complete drag! Here’s his birth story…the full 27 hours!

Although Coulter was born August 6th, 2014 the real story begins the day before. I woke up as normal. Started getting dressed for the gym and realized I had basically peed my pants during the night. Pregnancy causes you do some crazy things so I didn’t think anything of it, until I stepped out our back door and peed all down my leg. That’s when I realized something wasn’t right.

Disbelief was definitely my first reaction. I had another ten days before my due date and never thought I’d go into labor this early. Cody called his mom while I called the hospital because we had no clue what we were doing. Of course the nurse informed me that my water had indeed broke and I should head to the hospital.

This is where my unpreparedness kicks in. I had no hospital bag packed. Not a single thing! You see we were headed 3 hours south that day to the Indiana State Fair and I just figured I’d pack a few basics with me that morning just in case. Ha! I quickly packed a bag of basically everything in sight and headed out the door. Another fun tidbit…I wanted to stop at a store on the way to grab a few things I didn’t have. Pretty sure Cody was going to slap me when he heard that. So off to the hospital we went!

Cody parked the car and we checked in at the front desk. They asked us to have a seat till a nurse could come assist me, and in my mind I’m thinking I should be running into a room stat! You know like in the movies? It wasn’t much like that at all.

After officially being admitted and answering a million questions I figured it was baby time! Little baby Coulter had other plans for our day. Although my water was broke I was not dilated at all so my doctor suggested a cervix ripening medicine for 12 hours. So I settled into my lovely hospital bed watching HGTV (Fixer Upper to be exact). They even let me have one last meal since it would be awhile for any real action.

Sitting in a hospital bed with nothing to do got quite boring though so after 10 or so hours I asked to be checked for any progress. Sadly I had barely dilated so we started pitocin right away instead of waiting another couple hours. By this time it was late at night and Cody and I both tried to get some rest but there is only so much rest in a hospital bed and on a hospital couch.

We made it through the night with what I’m sure what just minutes of real sleep. And by this point I was getting anxious, tired, and a bit disappointed with labor. Luckily it wasn’t too much longer before he would make his first appearance!

As the morning arrived I finally started feeling contractions and lots of pain! I went into labor with a very open mind when it came to pain management so when they suggested an IV medicine to help take the sting off, I accepted. That was probably the best time of the whole labor…for both myself and Cody. You see it made me kind of loopy although I remember it all! And I remember everything I said and felt! This medicine definitely took the edge off and made me feel very happy. Haha! I vividly remember telling Cody that I now knew why people did drugs. I could tell how amazing they felt! Ha! Unfortunately that wore off after a short time and its a one and done kind of thing so when the contraction pain kicked back in I opted for the epidural.

When the anesthesiologist came in, she chatted with me about the procedure and honestly I didn’t want to hear a word. I just wanted her to do the dang thing. And that she did, while I sat on the edge of the bed squeezing Cody’s hand fervently. I remember them telling me to hold still. It was quite hard when I saw Cody’s eyes go from normal to giant cartoon size when she had apparently pulled the needle out though. I still made sure never to look for even a second. That would have caused some craziness in me I think.

Forgive me for what possibly seems like jumping through this whole experience. One thing I regret is not actually writing down the little details and when they all happened. That’s why I have no idea on actual timing for any of this. I still remember so many amazing and telling moments that I had to capture though.

At this point I was dilated, contracting and just trying to relax as much as possible. My parents had come to wait at the hospital as well which meant it was getting closer and closer to baby time. The nurses started working on practice pushes with me until it was time for the real deal. I remember having no clue what I was doing! Babies don’t wait though so soon enough I was doing real pushes as they told me contractions were coming. After a bit I was tired and uncomfortable so we took a little break and then started back at it. Before I knew it my doctor had arrived, she was getting prepped for delivery and we were going full force with pushes for a baby!

Thank goodness for a sweet husband, doctor, and nurses that put up with my craziness though because I just remember asking how much longer I had! Such a rookie move I know. I was still feeling lots of pain though and just wanted to be done with the whole thing. Cody made a good husband call though and would continually tell me I was almost done…even though he knew I wasn’t. I believed him though and kept on the program of pushing when I was told.

Before I knew it they told me he was coming! Instead of boring you with all the gross and painful details let’s skip to that amazing moment that he was out and instantly placed on my chest! Instant tears for both Cody and I follow! And because I think God has a good sense of humor, all that pain and anguish I felt was nothing! Nothing folks! I couldn’t even remember the last 27 hours of labor I had went through with a brand new baby on my chest! That’s how he gets us women to have multiple kids I guess.

That moment is one I will never forget. It is permanently etched in my heart with so many amazing feel good emotions. And although I would say his labor was no where near ideal, I would do it a million times over to experience that one moment of becoming a mom to my sweet and perfect little boy.

August 6th, 2014 was the best day.

Probably more for personal reasons but still fun to share here are a few fun extra facts from my Coulter’s birth story:

// I was shaking uncontrollably for parts of the labor. I thought I was crazy, but the nurses assured me it was normal. I’m interested to see if it happens with baby number two.

// Not long after he was born I asked Cody if we were going to have cake for his birthday…I really am that addicted to sweets. Oh and we did have that cake eventually.

// I also made Cody go get me an Oreo shake from Culver’s later that day. If only there was a Culver’s in Idaho Falls.

// I remember the first time I got out of the bed after delivering him…not my finest moment. Thank goodness for amazing nurses that are so kind!

// The very first photo of me in our little Indiana house before heading to the hospital is a favorite of mine! I requested Cody to take that photo before we left even though he was determined we leave immediately. I’m guessing that’s why its so blurry!

// HGTV was on the TV for almost the entire labor and it was the first time I ever watched Fixer Upper. I thought the show was pretty cool. Funny to see how huge it has gotten since that time.

// One of the first sentences out of my mouth after holding Coulter for the first time was how I would ever love another baby as much as I love him! He was absolutely perfect in my eyes in that moment. And still is for the most part. Haha.

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