Friday Facts No. 6

1 // We leave for Indiana in less than three weeks and I. Can. Not. Wait!

2 // I believe we can officially say Coulter is potty trained. The first few days of potty training made me want to pull my hair out so this is a pretty amazing feeling.

3 // This is the month I will finally do something about my hair! And when I say “I”, I actually mean my sister-in-law Kelsie.

4 // Earlier this week I reminded Cody that we started a pattern of having a child every even year. To keep up the pattern baby #3 would have to be born in 2018…he didn’t seem too convinced.

5 // Wild Bird ring slings are my new addiction. I only own one but every day I am tempted to buy many more!

6 // Union Pacific Steam Engine No. 844 stopped in a nearby town a couple weeks ago and our train obsessed boy loved the whole experience.

7 // This little guy turned 6 months old last month! Even crazier than though is the fact that he know sits up on his own, crawls, pulls up on everything and will even climb stairs! My productivity level has dramatically dropped lately.

8 // I haven’t gone to bed before 1 am this week. I’m slowly learning how to survive on even less sleep than before.

9 // My sister gifted me a Fitbit a couple weeks ago and I have loved the extra motivation to move more each day. The sleep tracking is my favorite feature although fact no. 8 lets you know that I never meet the recommended goal of 8 hours.

10 // I hope my dad never stops texting me pictures from the farm. Did I tell you guys I’m just a bit excited to head back home to the farm this month?!?

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