Graham Currently // One Month

Graham’s first month of life has me wanting to say every cliche in the book when it comes to little babies growing up too fast! Holding him in my arms for the first time seems like ages ago already! I’m beyond grateful for this little guy and the crazy first month of his life that turned our world upside down in so many amazing ways!












Heber Graham Swainston // One Month

Weight // My unofficial scale weighing told me he is a whopping 9 pounds and 12 ounces already! I’m hoping he keeps this up with those chubby cheeks and belly rolls. Update: I took him to the doctor’s office on the 22nd (so a week past his month mark) and he was actually over 11 pounds!

Eating // Well…let’s just say a few too many tears were shed the first couple weeks when it came to his eating. Nursing was rough my friends! Rougher than I remember with Coulter (and I even had some crying times with him too). I’m pretty sure I had a week long stretch of crying everyday out of frustration. Things were not going how I wanted them to. I was in a ton of pain. I was pumping all through the night and day, but wouldn’t you know those days seem so long gone now. He’s a champion eater and I don’t think much of it at all anymore. Thank goodness too because I know formula ain’t cheap!

Sleeping // Pumping multiple times during the night was the worst but also such a blessing because it meant this baby was sleeping! The first week or so I would wake him up regularly to eat, but he was still barely interested in eating. So I started letting him call the shots at night and I’m kind of in shock he will go 4-5 hours without waking up at all! This was unheard of with Coulter. I remember being up half the night with him just hoping he’d fall asleep for an hour.

Graham loves his sleep though. All day and all night he is snoozing away, which was perfect for his newborn photos. Nine out of ten pictures I send to my mom are of him sleeping. When I finally send one of him awake she was a bit surprised to actually see his eyes I think! Haha.

Clothing // He was struggling to fit his newborn clothes at first but he’s making up for lost time now. Now he’s wearing a lot of 3 month outfits that Coulter wore as a true 3 month old!

Likes // Sleeping (duh!), Eating, and getting his hair washed. Note: Not his whole body, just his hair. It kind of puts him in a trance I think and he is the quietest and cutest baby. Oh and he even takes a bottle and pacifier without complaint too!

Dislikes // Loud noises, and just being bothered by his big brother. Sitting by himself…he’d much rather be held if he’s awake. Having his body washed in the bath.

What I Love // The way you kick your right leg like crazy when your laying down. All the funny little noises you constantly make in your sleep (Dad, on the other hand, doesn’t love them). That you sleep so well (and for so long) at night already! Two words: chubby cheeks! I kiss them at least a hundred times every day.

I’m so grateful for this little boy that joined our family. And I’m even more grateful that he’s surviving our crazy life we live. I can’t wait to see more of his personality, his interactions with Coulter, and if those chubby cheeks stick around for the long haul.

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