10 Little Known Facts About Me

I can’t believe the day is here! It’s the first official day of this project I’ve been dreaming of for years!

I’m both insanely nervous and outrageously excited for C&C Farmhouse. I have big plans for this little blog, and can’t wait to see where it takes me. Before I get ahead of myself though it’s time for an introduction, and I’ve decided to do so with 10 facts about me that many people don’t know.

  1. Growing up I always thought being a grocery store checker would be the coolest job. I even had a toy check stand with a conveyor belt that beeped when you scanned an item.
  2. The very first time I changed my son’s diaper in the hospital, he peed on me! I’ve since forgiven him for such a rude hello.
  3. I wear sandals year round. Snow on the ground doesn’t even stop me.weddingday
  4. I have always been on the shy side, especially if I don’t know someone. However, I got a moment of bravery during a late night meeting in college and happened to speak up to a boy I had never met. Thank goodness for that because that boy is now my husband!
  5. My older sister, Darcy, and I were on a TV show! We taught two city kids how to milk cows and work on our family farm for a PBS special. We even took one of our dairy cows into the TV studio for more filming.
  6. My obsession with sweets started at a young age when I use to eat spoonfuls of brown sugar as a snack. I’ve since upgraded my eating habits to cookies, ice cream, and donuts though.
  7. After Fact #5 you may think I would eat anything with sugar. Well, I was a very picky eater at a young age. One particular dessert item I stayed away from was whipped cream. I hated it! I once cried at a restaurant because they put whipped cream on my ice cream. I’m sure my Mom remembers that afternoon!
  8. My grandpa was a professional fisherman which meant summers were full of fishing at their lake house and eating the day’s catch. Unfortunately, after eating my weight in fried fish one night, I had a fish bone stuck between my tonsil and the side of my mouth. Don’t worry though my dad grabbed his nearest set of pliers and didn’t hesitate to yank it out!July SD Photo Dump 092
  9. I have been in 31 of the 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico!
  10. This isn’t my first blog technically. I started a very amateur blog when Cody and I first got married, and even started another one a few months back. This past week I finally got enough courage (and urging from my husband) to really push myself and tackle my fear! So C&C Farmhouse is born!

As I’m rereading this post I’m shaking my head at myself a little bit! These facts really do show who I am. Hopefully you learned something new and check back later this week because I’m going to let you guys in on one of my favorite meals ever, and I would bet that you have never heard of it!

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