The Big Four

As April nears, it’s starting to hit me that Graham is almost six months old! Six! Months! Where has the time gone? He is already scooting around the floor stealing Coulter’s toys. I almost feel like these past six months went by without me. Life is crazy busy with so many amazing moments, but also a ton of moments that I feel like I’m barely hanging on to this new life with two small kids.

Since I’ve been pretty MIA since Graham joined our family here’s a quick update of the big changes in our life the past six months.

1 // We moved…again! We sound a bit crazy, don’t we? If you remember we just barely moved to Idaho last April, and in January we moved a couple hours west to Rupert for Cody’s job. Rupert is another small rural town that we are loving so much already. Coulter definitely approves since he can see dozens of tractors every time we leave the house.

2 // I took a part time job at our gym in town. I work a couple nights a week while Cody is home with the boys. It’s definitely different having a job for the first time in almost three years, but I’m really enjoying the change.

3 // WE’RE DEBT FREE! (Any Dave Ramsey fans out there?) We have officially paid off all of my students loans (plus some other random little debt)! It was no easy task but we are so proud of this huge accomplishment.

4 // I turned 26 (back on Valentine’s Day)! I never use to think 26 was old, but man hitting the second half of my twenties has me thinking otherwise. Luckily, Cody knows how to start it out with a bang. He took me skiing and I don’t think I’ve had a more fun day with him in such a long time. I’ve been bugging him to take me again ever since. Darn you expensive ski rentals and lift ticket!

Those are the big four. Each one alone doesn’t seem like much but all together it makes me realize we have done so much lately. Life these days doesn’t seem to settle down either. We’re a few months into the new year. I’m one month into my 27th year of life and so excited to see what I can accomplish with my favorite three boys. Stay tuned for all the fun (and hard) things we hope to conquer!

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